Staff Up! 10 Ways to Hire and Train Faster
2:15 PM14:15

Staff Up! 10 Ways to Hire and Train Faster

For most call centers, hiring and training new employees represents a significant investment of time and money. What if there was a way to reduce recruiting and training time AND improve results? This dynamic session reveals ten proven ways you can ramp up your staffing levels faster than ever before. These concepts can also be used to improve short and long-term retention, increase new hire performance, and decrease recruiting and training costs. Drawing upon real-life case studies and cutting-edge research, you will gain practical ideas, tools, and techniques to speed up the hiring and training process in your call center.

This is a breakout session at the ICMI Call Center Demo and Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Three Ways to Reduce Contact Center Stress
9:00 AM09:00

Three Ways to Reduce Contact Center Stress

Are your contact center agents stressed out? High stress levels can lead to poor customer service, high absenteeism and increased turnover. Join customer service expert, Jeff Toister, to learn how small changes can help agents overcome stress and focus on the needs of the customer. These 3 simple strategies will help agents: 

• Provide faster, more thorough service

• Increase customer satisfaction

• Reduce errors AND their own stress levels 

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